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VITRINA design summit 

"In 2016 we had changed the format of our traditional exhibition Vitrina Fair held since 2007. We turned it into a design summit. The novelty of this format of the event is not so much the presentation of new products, but rather the discussion of useful topics. Answering the questions that now concern our customers about creating their interiors is our main goal. This is why we invite to participate both our partners producers and professional architects.



The summit is not a set of presentations from suppliers. It's speeches, discussions on applied topics, which are revealed by professionals in the context of those products that our partners offer. Architects and specialists of the market share their views and experiences, talk about what to look for, what errors to avoid, what to keep in mind when you work on your future home, what to consider before you start this challenging process.

Based on the current economic situation, demand has significantly changed and one of the main factors in choosing for customers is the price. Price plays a major role in making a purchasing decision when a person does not understand something. The price is the only standard that is clear right away. It can be hard to dig deeper by yourself to understand what will happen in the long term with the product of your choice or what will not, what this product will give, what kind of functionality it carries, whether it is needed or not. This is very important, because the final result depends on the choice of equipment and materials, on their professional integration into the project. It is this knowledge that we share with our guests so that they can consciously make their choice. "


                            Vladimir Moskalenko

                            Vitrina Fair founder

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